2023 Election : INEC decision won’t stand there’s no President-elect – PA Adebanjo

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Inec Decision Won'T Stand There'S No President-Elect

Afenifere leader, Pa Ayo Adebanjo, has claimed that there is no President-elect in Nigeria, insisting that the decision by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to declare the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu winner of the 2023 presidential election, will not stand.

In an appearance on Arise Television on Friday, Adebanjo declared that INEC’s judgment about the outcome of the presidential election on Saturday would not stand.

“I paid attention to the INEC Chairman when Dino Melaye urged him to suspend rather than cancel the collation, citing numerous errors that needed

Pa Adebanjo is one of the elder statesmen who publicly declared support for the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP, Peter Obi, on the ground that the people of the South East should be allowed to have a shot at the presidency for equity and justice to reign supreme.

In spite of allegations of several alleged irregularities nationwide, including the electoral umpire’s failure to fulfill its promise to use technology in the poll, the INEC pronounced Bola Tinubu the winner of the February 25th, 2023 presidential election.

While the BVAS was unsuccessful in many states, several Governors, particularly in Rivers State and Lagos State, were accused of rigging the election and suppressing popular will.

In another reports Tinubu was declared the winner in Jigawa over Atiku and Peter Obi by INEC while Atiku takes a lead in Yobe to defeat Bola Tinubu and Peter Obi

“I paid attention to the INEC Chairman when Dino Melaye urged him to suspend rather than cancel the collation, citing numerous errors that needed to be fixed. No, I’ll study it once I finish this exercise, he assured them.

“As for the Chairman, those of us who are familiar with him are aware that he hasn’t always been the man he ought to be. He is a colossal letdown

“As for the Chairman, those of us who are familiar with him are aware that he hasn’t always been the man he ought to be. He is a colossal letdown. It’s not the first time he’s let the people of Lagos down. He tricked us in 2019 and has now done it once more, believing that Nigerians are dummies.

PA Adebanjo further expressed his feeling

“And I’ve told it before: Babangida cannot win this election. That was an open-air theft. The entire nation backed you in your effort to change the electoral legislation so that it is carried out by electoral law, but you returned to fight against us during the election. What a loss. I only feel bad for the nation.

“I simply feel bad for the kids. But I already told you that this government is a complete failure. It’s a catastrophe that God will aid us in overcoming. There is absolutely no President-Elect. It’s only a facade that will eventually be taken down. We are all still here to see it. Why won’t we adhere to the rules established by the election law?


Oyo State Speaker Debi Ogundoyin wins Ibarapa East Constituency again

The serving speaker of Oyo State Mr. Debo Ogundoyin a 36 years old from Ibarapa state house constituency has won his seat again in the just concluded yesterday 18 March, 2023 state house election.

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The serving speaker of Oyo State Mr. Debo Ogundoyin a 36 years old from Ibarapa state house constituency has won his seat again in the just concluded yesterday 18 March, 2023 state house election.

Mr Adebo Ogundoyin, has been re-elected to represent Ibarapa East State Constituency in the Assembly.

Ogundoyin of the PDP received 10,039 votes, which was enough to defeat 12 other candidates, according to the Returning Officer, Prof. John Oladeji, who made the announcement of the election results on Sunday in Ibadan.

In his announcement, Prof.John said APC candidate, Aderounmu Adeolu, got 7,111 votes while the Accord Party candidate, Oladeni Tunde scored 2,724 votes.

He declare that “Ogundoyin having scored the highest number of votes in the Ibarapa East State Constituency election is hereby declared the winner of the election,” he said .

In his response to the result ,the re-elected speaker Mr Debo can’t hide his joy and feeling for the people of his constituency and said

“Our people have spoken with their votes. It is their victory, it is their decision.
“The people of Ibarapa East state constituency have given us their mandate once again hence I am overwhelmed and happy.

Mr Debo Ogundoyun becomes the first youngest politician who has emerged as winner for thee second term to the position of state house speakership in the history of Oyo state politics

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Tinubu seeks to establish a government of national unity

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Tinubu News

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the president-elect, Tinubu seeks to establish a government of national unity. This decision was made ahead of today’s meeting with the National Assembly members-elect scheduled at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

The actions were ultimately taken to soothe frayed nerves across the nation and bring the populace together after the presidential election, the result of which is viewed as contentious in some circles.

It was discovered that the President-elect is already willing to zone the Senate presidency of the upcoming 10th National Assembly to the South East in order to allay concerns about perceived or actual inequality among the populace.

Despite their political preferences in the last elections, a dependable source who wished to remain anonymous told Vanguard that Tinubu has sworn to do everything in his power to ensure that all regions of the country are included in his new government.

The longtime Tinubu acquaintance further claimed that there will be no racial or ethnic prejudice in Tinubu’s cabinet.

He continued by saying that it was on the agenda for the meeting with the National Assembly’s incoming members.

According to him, Tinubu had already told a few of his protégés who were elected senators to start looking for a South-Easterner to serve as the next Senate President.

“Tinubu shopping from the South-East for Senate President”

It should be remembered that the South-East delivered six senators for the ruling APC despite the Labour Party’s “Obidient” wave in the region.

According to the source, Bola Tinubu, Senator Kashim Shettima, his running mate, APC senators, and members-elect of the House of Representatives would meet behind closed doors at State House in Abuja today to discuss the direction of the ruling All Progressives Congress, or APC.

“For the balance of power, our President-elect realizes that every region must be supported in order to have a rancorous administration, and the South East is very important to him.

For the interests of equity, fairness, and justice, he has confided in us his pledge to support the election of a Senate President from the South East, upholding the status quo and a feeling of inclusivity.

The South East was instructed to “In 2019, they said the South East had no ranking senator but in 2023, there’s no excuse because the South East, despite the massive votes they gave to the Labour Party still voted for six APC senators, some of whom are ranking lawmakers.

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Oyo Guber Poll : Tension In Labour Party As Chairman Endorses Makinde As Their Candidate to vote for

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Gov Seyi Makinde Am Not Afraid Of Losing 2023 Election

The apparent support of Governor Seyi Makinde has caused yet another controversy for the Labour Party chapter in Oyo State.

Sodiq Atayese, who is the chairman of the Labour Party in Oyo state and some chieftains in the state had allegedly endorsed the governor Seyi Makinde .

In Ibadan over the weekend, the party’s chairman and his colleagues made the news.

Read also Guber Election: Governor Makinde of the G5 is in a pickle as parties vie for Oyo voters

Despite his party having its own gubernatorial candidate, he urged party members to support Makinde in the election on March 11.

But, Tawfiq Tayo Akinwale, the party’s candidate for governor, condemned the reported endorsement as terrible in his response.

Akinwale claimed that he was much shocked to learn of the apparent endorsement in a statement that was obtained by Blend News reporter on Monday. “I want to thank each of you for your tenacity and support thus far. With your help and prayers, we have been able to get this far, and with God’s grace, our efforts will be rewarded with electoral victory.

“It is with great shock that I received this information and I totally dissociate myself from and outrightly condemn such a callous move.

“I, Tawfiq Tayo Akinwale hereby declare and reemphasize that I did not and will not step down for any candidate or party be it outgoing Seyi Makinde or any other person.

“I want to advise anyone planning to sell out the struggles, efforts, resources, time, and sweats of many of my ardent supporters and lovers of the Labour Party to quickly cancel such plans to avert the anger of God upon them,” he said.

Blend News gathered that thousands of members of LP are currently at the crossroads over who to support during the forthcoming gubernatorial election due to what is currently happening in the party.

With the alleged endorsement and the counter reaction by the gubernatorial candidate, our correspondent learnt that many of the members of the party are currently in disarray.

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