Kizz Daniel Dazzles Out With A Fresh Look See The Pictures That Gets People Talking

Woju Crooner Kizz Daniel Surprises his fans with a new and fresher look of his outlook with picture that he shared on Instagram.

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Kizz Daniel Addict
Kizz Daniel Dazzles Fresh Look

Woju Crooner Kizz Daniel Surprises his fans with a new and fresher look of his outlook with picture that he shared on Instagram.

The Ogun born singer and hit make never gets worry or exhausted though it is being a while the singer release the song, the Ada hit maker is yet to drop any single hits i this year, may be it is time to do so because of his new look.

The song-writer who currently with a whopping followers of over 7.4millions which is so huge. Kizz has done more than enough artistic work in the music industry and has collected various awards .

The Woju maker has featured in numerous songs and tracks with other artistes in Nigeria.

Kizz Daniel Singer

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Kizz Daniel has featured the like of:

Davido in One Ticket

Wizkid in Good Time

Napo” (featuring Sugarboy)

Ikwe (Feature Major Lazer)

Somebody Dey With Dj Exclusive Demmie Vee

The list goes all and all with so many single releases back to back with a hit track in all .

Check out the official page of the artiste  


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A post shared by VADO D’GREAT (@kizzdaniel)

Kizz Daniel is a talented singer who has contributed so much to the music entertainment industry in Nigeria and Africa at large.


Songs For You To Download:



Download -Olamide-ft.-Bella-Shmurda-Triumphant

Download Olamide-Infinity-ft-Omah Lay

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Legendary RnB Singer Bobby Caldwell dies at 71

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Bobby Caldwell Dies At 71

Legendary and soulful RnB singers and award-winning american artiste
Bobby Caldwell had been reported to have died at age 71 last night .

Robert Hunter Caldwell was an American famous RnB singer,writter and musician who has done produced hits and numerious albums and track to the delectible Americans .

Robert died yesterday from his long-battling heart disease who has been on the sickbed for five years before he died .

Boby Caldwell Singers
Bobby Caldwell dies at 71Mary Caldwell told The Associated Press that he died in her arms at their home in Great Meadows.

The ‘What Won’t You Do For Love” crooner death was announced by his fellow musicians and wife .

Mary Caldwell told The Associated Press that he died in her arms at their home in Great Meadows, New Jersey, on Tuesday, after a long illness.

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The smooth soul song “What You Won’t Do for Love” of the 1978 viral hit song peaked at No. 6 on what was then the Top Selling Soul Singles chart and No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100. For Caldwell, who also authored the song, it became a career-defining hit and a long-lasting standard.

Oscar 2023 Video

Boby Caldwell produced numerous songs and was sampled by Boyz II Men , Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G both on stage and in studio project on his posthumously released song .

Fans , fellow artistes shared their farewell for the legendary who has contributed to the growth of American RnB music up till he dies .

Here are some of the farewell bids

"Thank you for your voice and gift #BobbyCaldwell," Questlove wrote.

Chance the Rapper posted a screenshot of a direct message conversation he had with Caldwell last year when he requested permission to utilize one of his songs.

If you sample my song, I’ll be grateful, Caldwell wrote.

Chance said, "You are such an inspiration to me and many others. He claimed in the article that he had never before been complimented for sampling a song and that it had been a long time since he had experienced such grief over a stranger's demise.
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Nollyhod News

Ronke Oshodi Oke Spells hot about weight loss ,reveals why is not begging for money online

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Ronke Oshodi Speaks About Weight Loss

Nigerian Yoruba Bollywood actress ,Ronke Oshodi Oke has spoke up about her weight loss and reveals the reason why she is not coming online to beg for money .

Finally, Ronke Oshodi Oke responded to the haters who had been harassing her page and using her weight reduction as a slur.

The actress admitted that despite being sold tea or herbs, she didn’t lose weight because she was already dealing with health difficulties.

In a video she made to respond to trolls, well-known Yoruba actress Ronke Oshodi Oke hinted that she has been dealing with a hidden illness.

The movie star addressed rumors that she has been losing weight using Rapid weight reduction, a well-known company that many famous people support, in the video posted on her page.

The actress continued by saying that she and God alone are responsible for what has taken weight off of her body, so even if she prays for her trolls to suffer from the same condition, they won’t emerge from it still looking attractive.

Ronke also said that because she did not go online to ask for money, many people did not understand what she was going through.

Ronke therefore advises trolls to be mindful of their businesses

She then urged people to unfollow her instead of spewing hate on her page, forgetting that everyone goes through issues in life

Watch the video

Oscar 2023 Video

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Monster High Movie: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in Children’s Entertainment

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Monster High: The Movie
  • The Rise of Monster High: A Look into the Phenomenal Franchise
  • From Dolls to the Big Screen: A Review of the Monster High Movie

Monster High: The movie Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in Children’s Entertainment

Monster High: The Movie
Monster High: The movie Since its release in 2010, the Monster High Movie franchise has become a phenomenon, enthralling both kids and adults with the novel idea

Since its release in 2010, the Monster High Movie franchise has become a phenomenon, enthralling both kids and adults with the novel idea of teenage monsters attending high school. A multimedia franchise that began as a line of dolls has since expanded to encompass novels, webisodes, TV series, and movies. This article will examine the Monster High movie in more detail and discuss how it affected the franchise.

The Monster High movie, released in 2016, follows the story of Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, and their monster friends as they try to save the school from a villainous plot. The movie is a continuation of the web series and TV shows that have been part of the franchise. However, the movie marks the first time the Monster High characters are seen on the big screen.

The evil Principal Revenant, who wants to obliterate Monster High and turn it into a normie school, is the center of the Monster High movie’s plot. For the sake of stopping Principal Revenant and preserving their beloved school, the Monster High students must come together. The movie’s plot is both enjoyable and timely because it addresses problems with inclusion, diversity, and acceptance.

Oscar 2023 Video

The Monster High franchise’s representation of diversity is one of its advantages. The characters have distinctive personalities and skills and originate from various cultural origins. The series has received appreciation for portraying individuals who are not only realistic but also serve as good role models for young viewers.

By including new characters who are accepting of many talents, the Monster High movie elevates this portrayal of diversity. A wheelchair user with a gift for speed and agility is a character by the name of Wheelchair Claude, for instance. By include such characters, a strong message about the value of accepting diversity and valuing individuality is conveyed.

The Monster High movie is artistically spectacular in addition to conveying a message of inclusivity and diversity. The film has spectacular special effects and animation that make the creatures come to life on the screen. The characters are fun to see because of their creative and intricate designs. The picture also has a memorable music, which heightens the total experience.

Despite being largely geared toward youngsters, the Monster High movie is equally entertaining for adults. The plot, animation, and themes of the film make it a fantastic family film that everyone will love. People of all ages may relate to the film’s message of inclusion and acceptance, which makes it crucial in today’s culture.

Monster high: the movie

Monster high movie cast

There are several Monster High movies, each with a different cast. Here are the main characters from some of the most popular Monster High movies:

  1. “Monster High: Boo York, Boo York” (2015):
  • Draculaura – voiced by Debi Derryberry
  • Clawdeen Wolf – voiced by Salli Saffioti
  • Frankie Stein – voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris
  • Cleo de Nile – voiced by Wendee Lee
  • Catty Noir – voiced by Missi Hale
  • Elle Eedee – voiced by Rachel Staman
  1. “Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action!” (2014):
  • Draculaura – voiced by Debi Derryberry
  • Clawdeen Wolf – voiced by Salli Saffioti
  • Frankie Stein – voiced by Kate Higgins
  • Cleo de Nile – voiced by Salli Saffioti
  • Lagoona Blue – voiced by Laura Bailey
  • Elissabat – voiced by Karen Strassman
  1. “Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef” (2016):
  • Draculaura – voiced by Debi Derryberry
  • Clawdeen Wolf – voiced by Salli Saffioti
  • Frankie Stein – voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris
  • Lagoona Blue – voiced by Laura Bailey
  • Spectra Vondergeist – voiced by Erin Fitzgerald
  • Posea Reef – voiced by Larissa Gallagher
  1. “Monster High: Welcome to Monster High” (2016):
  • Draculaura – voiced by Cassandra Morris
  • Frankie Stein – voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris
  • Clawdeen Wolf – voiced by Salli Saffioti
  • Cleo de Nile – voiced by Wendee Lee
  • Lagoona Blue – voiced by Larissa Gallagher
  • Abbey Bominable – voiced by Celeste Henderson
  1. “Monster High: Electrified” (2017):
  • Draculaura – voiced by Debi Derryberry
  • Clawdeen Wolf – voiced by Salli Saffioti
  • Frankie Stein – voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris
  • Twyla – voiced by Jonquil Goode
  • Ari Hauntington – voiced by Sara Cravens
  • Silvi Timberwolf – voiced by Sarah Natochenny

Monster High Movie (2022)

A 2022 live-action musical fantasy film starring Miia Harris, Ceci Balagot, and Nayah Damasen, Monster High: The Movie was written by Jenny Jaffe, Greg Erb, and Jason Oremland and produced by the television arm of Mattel and Brightlight Productions. On October 6, 2022, it was broadcast on Nickelodeon and Paramount  in the United States.

Todd Holland served as the film’s director, and Jenny Jaffe, Matt Eddy, and Billy Eddy served as its writers. The movie follows Clawdeen, a half-human, half-werewolf student who enrolls at Monster High and makes friends there. As everything in the school appears to be going according to plan, she learns of a plot that could endanger it and reveal her true identity. To foil the schemes and stop them, she must work with her friends

In conclusion, the Monster High film provides evidence of the success and ubiquity of the franchise. The movie is a good addition to the Monster High series thanks to its plot, animation, and themes. The film is a must-watch for both kids and adults because it has various characters and sends forth positive messages about acceptance and variety. The Monster High film is well worth seeing, regardless of whether you’ve followed the franchise for a long time or are just getting started.

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