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WATCH VIDEO: Nigerian Lady Sexually Harasses Juju Musician Man In Public, See What Happen After

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A short video of Nigerian lady who was seen dancing to juju music in an event and sexually harassed the singer is somehow surprising.

Lady sexually harasses musician on stage ,a video has emerged of a woman approaching a singer inappropriately on stage. The young lady approached the male singer as he went about his business and began rubbing him all over while dancing provocatively.

When the lady began to stroke the man’s joystick, the unimaginable occurred. The audience erupted in applause as the couple was recognized. As the show progressed, the man provided little resistance at all.

Can this kind of lady be called a runs girl or she is just catching up her fun?

This trend has been dubbed “sexual assault” by social media users.

Watch the Lady sexually harasses musician on stage here 👇👇

What do you think, this is odd? Have your say!

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1 Comment

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    May 19, 2021 at 9:21 pm

    In the society we are today norms and value have been lost

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Bbnaija Season 6 Live Update from YouTube-A Must Watch

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Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye Season 6 .

Watch the latest episode of big brother Naija (bbnaija season 6) live stream from Youtube which reveals what the housemates are up to in the game.

Bbnaija Season 6 Live Update From Youtube-A Must Watch



Bbnaija Season 6 Live Update from YouTube-A Must Watch, the shine ya eye episode of big brother Naija is taken a new foot of progress where the housemates were seen in the cam performing a task giving to them.

The first task of big brother Naija mates were doing is involving showcasing the cultural norms of the Nigeria race and the task was directed by Sammie.

The video task was posted on the official Instagram handle of Big brother Naija page and the video was also made available on the YouTube streaming channel.

Sammie, Whitemoney, and Liquorose were singled out for special praise for their outstanding contributions to the project.

The housemates were given Biggie’s money and a celebration by the jacuzzi for making Biggie proud.


Believe it or not, the ecstatic roommates walked out in bikinis and shorts, displaying their bodies. 

The housemates stayed up late drinking and partying. Even Beatrice, who had been grumpy earlier, showed up in a sultry bikini to the party. 

The full episode of the show was made available on Blend Ng for your view


Watch Bbnaija Season 6 Live Update from YouTube-A Must Watch

Big brother provided a lovely surprise for the housemates after they won the wager on the first challenge!
The housemates were treated to a night pool party as Biggie opened the Jacuzzi for them! The housemates were taken aback by all of this, as they dressed up and danced their way to the jacuzzi, which was also stocked with alcohol!

How can you rate this Bbnaija Season 6 Live Update from YouTube-A Must Watch the first task so far? 

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#BBNaija Reunion:Dorathy Gives Brighto Blowjob – Video

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#Bbnaija Reunion:dorathy Gives Brighto Blowjob

The 2021 edition of Big Brother Naija popularly known as BBnaija has called for reunion of 2020  housemate of the show ,Dorathy said she s**”uck Brighto and gave him a blowjob.

#Bbnaija Reunion:dorathy Gives Brighto Blowjob

Following the reunion of BBnaija lockdown edition Dorathy has come to tell the house that she gave Brighto a blowjob while adding that Brighto pretended as if nothing happens.

Dora stated during last night’s reunion that Bright didn’t say anything to her the next morning after the blowout night and pretended it never occurred, for which she labeled him a “bastard.”

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When Ebuka asked Bright why he didn’t say anything to Dora during the reunion, he questioned what she had expected him to say.

Bright, on the other hand, took to Twitter this morning to reveal what transpired following Dora’s ‘job,’ which caused him to stay away.

Watch the video of #BBNaija Reunion



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Baba Ijesha: CCTV Footage Of The Actor Kissing, Molesting And Romancing 14years Old Girl Exposed

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The long 7 minutes of footage of Nollywood actor a.k.a Baba Ijesha has been exposed to the public domain after the actor was seen kissing, romancing, and molesting an underage girl of 14years old.


Baba ijesha CCTV Footage Download, The video of an underage girl has revealed a barbaric act of Olanrewaju Omiyinka quite some days ago where the Yoruba  Nollywood actor was seen and caught on the scene romancing and kissing the 14 years old girl.

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Baba Ijesha said the incident was due to a spiritual problem and challenge that led him to be molesting, romancing, and kissing the 14 years old girl.

The CCTV footage revealed the secrecy act that was going on between Baba Ijesha and the little girl where he was seen caring for the girl’s leg.

Later, the actor would lift his victim’s dress and continue to caress her body.

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There was no portion of the footage examined that showed the actor rapping the minor.

However, it’s unclear what happened in the remaining 22 minutes of footage that hasn’t been released.

According to this newspaper, the video that was released online on Sunday was not the complete version of the case.

The Blend media crew  has gathered the video in a simple version for download


How do you judge the actions of baba ijesha CCTV Footage molesting an underage girl of 14 years old?   

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